Communicating with members of a space

You can communicate with the members of a space by using Pulse to discuss relevant topics, for example, training for new hires.

Before you begin: To communicate within a space, you must be an owner or a member of the space.
  • You can become the owner of a space in one of the following ways:

  • You can become a member of a space by joining the space. For more information, see Joining a space.

  1. In the navigation panel, click Spaces.
  2. Choose the spaces in your application to view.
    • Click All spaces to view the public and private spaces, and unlisted spaces that you are a member of.
    • Click My spaces to view only the spaces that you are a member of.
  3. Click the space in which you want to start or continue a discussion.
  4. On the Activity tab, use Pulse to communicate with the members of the space.
    Tip: Select the types of notifications that you receive for the space by clicking Notification preferences and enabling the Override at instance level option.
  5. Optional: Add content to support discussions by uploading or pinning files, URLs, and documents, or by pinning cases and other spaces in your application.
  6. Optional: If you are the owner of the space, moderate discussions and content by deleting the messages, attachments, and pins that are irrelevant or inappropriate.