Creating pre-import steps

To automatically take actions before any archive import attempt, configure pre-import steps in the pre-import collection. For example, you can use archive metadata to ensure that you only import archives that meet your criteria.

Pre-import actions must have an applies to class of PegaAccel-Management-Import.

Follow this general process to create pre-import steps.

  1. Save a copy of the pyPreImportCollection rule to your application layer.
  2. Open the new rule in your application layer.
  3. Delete the placeholder step pxImportInfoMessage.
  4. Add action steps to run after every successful import. Use the pre-import properties to include archive metadata in step actions. For information about the pre-import properties, see Pre-import activity properties.
    1. Click Add step to create a new step.
    2. In the Condition section Execute step field, specify when the step will run. The default is Always.

    3. Set the scope for the step in the Context field. The default is Current Page. For more information, see Setting the context of a collection step.

    4. Specify the step action in the Action section.
    5. Optional: To use parameter values from an earlier step in this collection, select Pass current parameter page.
    6. Optional: Click Add response action to specify an action run after this step in the collection. For more information, see Using response actions in a collection.
  5. Repeat step 4 to add additional steps to the collection.
  6. Click Save.