Post-import action properties

Use archive metadata properties to create post-import action steps that run automatically after every successful import. The metadata for the import operation, for example, the number rules imported, the duration of the import, and so on, is available to the pyPostImportCollection through properties on the embedded page pxImportResultPage.

General post-import properties

These properties are included in pxImportResultPage.

Property name Type Description
pxSQLStatements ValueList The SQL statements that were executed as part of the archive import
pxRuleTypes ValueList The pxObjClass of each rule type in the imported archive
pxHandles ValueList The pxInsKeys for each instance in the imported archive
pxImportChannel Text The channel through which the archive is imported (UI, REST, CLI, PRODUCT MIGRATION)
pxImportedCount Integer The total number of imported instances in the archive
pxSkippedCount Integer The total number of skipped instances in the archive
pxFailedCount Integer The total number of instances in the archive that failed to import
pxDuration Double In milliseconds, the duration of the archive import
pxMoveLogHandles ValueList The list of pzInsKeys for the move log

Import input properties

These properties include metadata about the archive that describes how to manage the import. The properties are included in pxImportInput.

Property name Type Description
pxMode Text The import mode (INSTALL, IMPORT, HOTFIX, RESTORE)
pxSkipExistingInstances Boolean Specifies whether to skip existing rule instances during the import
pxOverrideExistingInstances Boolean Specifies whether to override existing rule instances during the import
pxFailOnError Boolean Specifies whether to stop the import if there is a failure
pxCommitCount Integer Specifies how many rules to commit to the database at one time
pxCompileLibraries Boolean Specifies whether to compile the imported libraries
pxAllowImportWithMissingDependencies Boolean Specifies whether to continue the import if there are missing dependencies
pxByPassSchema Boolean Specifies whether to bypass schema changes during the import
pxCodeSetName Text The codeset name for the archive
pxCodeSetVersion Text The codeset version for the archive