Updating access groups by submitting a request to an active instance

Use the prpcServiceUtils command-line tool to update access groups to provide access to a new application version as part of an automated deployment.

You must have a running Pega Platform instance to use the prpcServiceUtils tool.

Follow these steps to update an access group:

  1. Optional: A comma-delimited list of access groups to update. If you do not enter a list of access groups, the system updates all access groups that access the application.

    updateAccessGroup.groupList= AccessGroup1, AccessGroup2, AccessGroup3

  2. Configure the common properties of the prpcServiceUtils.properties file.

    Property name Action
    pega.rest.server.url Enter the URL for the REST service in the following format:


    Include the tenant hash only for multitenant systems.

    pega.rest.username Enter the operator name on the target system with access to REST services.
    pega.rest.password Enter the password of the specified operator.
    pega.rest.proxy.host Optional: Enter the host name of the REST proxy server. Do not use localhost as the host name.
    pega.rest.proxy.port Optional: Enter the port for the REST proxy server.
    pega.rest.proxy.username Optional: Enter the operator name on the REST proxy server with import and export access.
    pega.rest.proxy.password Optional: Enter the password of the REST proxy operator.
    pega.rest.proxy.domain Optional: Enter the domain of the REST proxy server.
    pega.rest.proxy.workstation Optional: Enter the workstation ID for the REST proxy server.
    pega.rest.response.type Enter json.
    user.temp.dir Optional: Enter the full path to the temporary directory. Leave this blank to use the default temporary directory.
  3. Specify the application name:

  4. Specify the new application version:

  5. Save and close the prpcServiceUtils.properties file.
  6. Run the prpcServiceUtils.bat or prpcServiceUtils.sh script with the updateaccessgroup option, for example:

    prpcServiceUtils.bat updateaccessgroup

    Optional: Pass one or more arguments.

    prpcServiceUtils script argument Action
    connPropFile Enter the full path to the connection.properties file that includes information for multiple targets.
    poolSize Enter the thread pool size. Default is 5.
    requestTimeOut Specify how long the system waits for a response before failing with a timeout error. Default is 300 seconds.