Installing components

Install a component to make a reusable feature available to applications on your system.

  1. Open your Application form.
  2. Click Manage components.
  3. Select Install new and select the zip file that includes the component.
  4. Optional: Browse for components on the Pega Exchange site:
    1. Click Browse Apps and Components to open the Pega Exchange site to search for other components.
    2. Browse the available components. When you find a component to add to your application, follow the instructions on the component page to download the component zip file to your system.
    3. Return to your application, and then select the component zip file.
  5. Click Open.
  6. Optional: Select Enabled to enable the new component for this application.
  7. Click OK.
What to do next: 

For more information about the component, review the component documentation in the component zip file.