setupDatabase properties and arguments

The properties in the file configure the behavior of several command-line scripts:

  • Deployment scripts
  • Schema migration scripts
  • DDL-generation scripts
  • User-defined function scripts

Many of these property settings can be overridden by command-line arguments at run time. The following tables include the property name and, when applicable, the associated script argument.

Database connection properties

Script argument Property Description
--driverJAR pega.jdbc.driver.jar

Path and file name of the JDBC driver.

IBM Db2 for z/OS requires the following JAR files: db2jcc4.jar and db2jcc_license_cisuz.jar

--driverClass pega.jdbc.driver.class Class of the JDBC driver
--dbType pega.database.type Database vendor type. Enter one of the following values:

IBM Db2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows: udb

Microsoft SQL Server: mssql

Oracle: oracledate

PostgreSQL: postgres

IBM Db2 for z/OS: db2zos

--dbURL pega.jdbc.url The database JDBC URL.

For more information, see your deployment guide.

--dbUser pega.jdbc.username User name of the Deployment user.
--dbPassword pega.jdbc.password Password of the Deployment user. For encrypted passwords, leave this blank.
--adminPassword pega.admin.password For new installations only. The initial password for [email protected]. If you do not set this password before you install, the installation fails. Optional: Semicolon-delimited list of custom JDBC properties for installations.

(for example: prop1=value;prop2=value;prop3=value)

--rulesSchema In a single schema environment, sets rules schema and data schema.

In a split-schema configuration, sets the rules schema only.

--dataSchema For split-schema configurations only, sets the data schema name.
--customerDataSchema An optional customer data schema separate from the default Pega data schema.
  user.temp.dir Optional: The location of the temp directory. Set this location to any accessible location.

For example, C:\TEMP. The full path and file name to the IBM Db2 for z/OS file.
--mtSystem multitenant.system Specifies whether this a multitenant system.

IBM Db2 for z/OS does not support multitenant systems.

For information about the upgrade properties see your Upgrade Guide.