Packaging an application by using the Application Packaging wizard

To move your application to another server, use the Application Packaging wizard to create a product rule to collect all the elements that define your application (rules, organization elements, access groups, data types, data instances, and so on).

  1. In the header of Dev Studio, click Configure > Application > Distribution > Package.
  2. In the Application field, select the application to package.
  3. Select the product target ruleset and version in which to generate the product rule.
    1. Specify which rulesets to display:
      • To display all of the rulesets specified in the Rule-Application instance of the selected application, select the check box.

      • To save the product rules in an application or built-in application layer, select the check box.
      • To display only the rulesets that are not part of the currently selected application, clear the check box.

    2. Enter the name and version number of the ruleset in which to create the product rule.
      Note: If you select a ruleset version that is in the application you are packaging, the product definition itself becomes part of the package.
  4. Clear the check box next to each built-on application to exclude from the application, and click Next.
    Tip: To create a completely self-contained package, include all applications in the stack. If you later try to import the application into a system that does not include the dependent applications, the import fails.
  5. Complete the remaining screens to specify items to include or exclude from the application package.
  6. Click Finish to package the application.
What to do next:  After the application is packaged, click any of the following buttons to continue:
  • Preview - Displays the rules, application data, system data, schema, and code items that are exported based on your selections.
  • Modify - Edit the content of the application product rule. For more information, see Product rules.
  • Export - Create a .zip file with content based on your selections. This .zip file can be used to archive a version of your application and for importing your application to other servers.
  • Migrate - Migrate the application directly to another server. For more information, see Migrating products from the user interface.