Searching for properties or values on the clipboard

Use the search tool located at the top of the right panel to find properties or known text values by doing the following:

  1. Refresh the page or the clipboard before starting the search.
  2. In the Find field, type the full or partial search term for a property name or value.
  3. In the Pages field, select a single page name or select All Pages.
  4. Press the Enter key.

Results include the full name, property reference, and the value (or a segment of the value, if the value is longer than 60 characters) of the property or properties, and can be filtered the by clicking the down arrow next to a column header to open the filter dialog.

Note: You cannot search for the following:
  • Blanks
  • Non-printing characters
  • Null values
  • The text of Page-Message clipboard elements
  • Words in Base64-encoded text representing binary objects, such as JPG image files, Word DOC files, or compiled programs