Viewing data relationships

You can display a visual depiction of the relationships between data types and properties, and the relationships amont data types by using the Data Visualizer.

  1. In Dev Studio, from the Data Types explorer, click the data type you are interested in viewing.
  2. Click Visualize.
  3. Optional: Adjust the display by using any of the following options:
    • Legend – Click to display the legend that explains the shapes, lines, and colors that the Data Visualizer uses.
    • Reset – Click to reset the display to its original appearance.
    • Center – If you have a large display that you have navigated, use this option to recenter the display.
    • Open in Window – Click to open the Data Visualizer in its own window.
    • Collapse – Close the Data Visualizer.
  4. Optional: To view additional incoming relationships for a node, click the plus icon.
    A minus icon indicates that all relationships for the node are visible. Click the icon to hide the relationships.

    When you hover over a node in the display, the other nodes with which it is connected turn orange to help you visualize the selected node's relationships.