Viewing the declarative network

You can view the declarative network in a tab on the Business Rules landing page, which displays the target property and all potential inputs that might affect its final value, for a property that applies to a work type in an application.

  1. Click Switch Work Pool > work pool from the Application menu.
  2. Select Configure > Process and Rules > Business Rules > Declarative Network.
  3. The Declarative Network displays a list of declarative networks in the current application. You can choose the following options.
    • The declarative network name and level (top- level or intermediate). Top-level declarative networks contain a target property that is not referenced by any other declare expressions. Intermediate declarative networks contain a property that is referenced by another declare expression. To open the Declarative Network display, click a declarative network name.
    • The declare expression used to calculate the declarative network. Click the Declare Expression icon to open the declare expression rule. Click the property name to open the target property.