The DateTime parse tester tool

Use the Date/Time Parse Tester tool to test whether a text input matches the DateTime patterns used by Pega Platform, which are based directly on Java standards.

  1. Use the Application Explorer to open the standard activity Code-Pega-Parse.DTParseTester.
  2. Click Actions > Run. A test input form appears.
  3. In the Page list, click Empty test page.
  4. Leave the parameter values blank. Click Run.
  5. Complete the input fields on the form:
    Field Description
    Date/Time Pattern Enter a pattern. The count of pattern letters identifies a format:
    • G — Era designator, for example AD
    • y — Year, for example 2018
    • M — Month in year, for example July or 07
    • d — Day in month, for example 10
    • h — Hour in A.M./P.M. format, 1 to 12
    • H — Hour in day format, 0 to 23
    • m — Minute in hour, for example 30
    • s — Second
    • S — Millisecond
    • E — Day in week, for example Tuesday
    • Z — Time zone, for example Pacific Standard Time
    Test Case Enter text that may contain a date or date/time formatted with the pattern.
    Locale Select:
    • Use default locale — The current locale of your requestor session is used.
    • Specify a locale — Select a locale from a list.
    Timezone Select:
    • Use default timezone — The current locale of the server node is used (not the time zone in your workstation or Operator ID instance)
    • Specify a timezone — Select a locale from a list.
  6. Click Test Parsing.
  7. The system searches the Test Case text for a conforming date or date/time value. If found, it converts the value into a Pega Platform internal format and displays the results.