Reviewing hotfixes

Before installing a hotfix, you must find out whether extra installation steps are required. Review the hotfixes from the Hotfix Manager.

  1. To go to the Hotfix Manager landing page, click Configure > System > Release > Hotfix Manager.
  2. Click Install Hotfixes to open the Hotfix Installer page.
  3. Ensure that you have the hotfix package file from Global Customer Support, as described in Obtaining hotfix packages. Then do either of the following steps.
    • Upload a local hotfix file:

      Click the File icon and Browse to the file location.

    • Upload a .zip file previously uploaded to the server:

      Click the Previously uploaded icon and select the zip file from the list.

  4. Click Next to review and install hotfixes.
  5. When you select a hotfix to install, a warning is displayed if the hotfix requires any special handing or schema changes. There are three possible situations.
    Warning type See
    No warning Installing hotfix packages
    Special handing required Installing hotfixes that require special handling
    Schema changes required Installing hotfixes with schema changes
    “The hotfix package does not contain all products on the system. Missing products: " The hot fix package does not support all the products installed on the system. Contact Global Customer Support before proceeding.
  6. Optional: Install hotfixes that require special handling.
    1. To review the special handling instructions for a hotfix, click Requires Special Handling.
    2. Follow the instructions in the Readme file.
    3. Then continue at Installing hotfix packages.
  7. Optional: If your hotfix includes schema changes, specify whether to apply the changes automatically when the hotfix is installed or to download the schema changes for your database administrator to apply manually.
    If you roll back a hotfix, included schema changes are not rolled back.
    • View the schema changes.
      1. Click Schema Change Details to view the schema changes that are included in this hotfix.
      2. In the Schema Changes window, select a change row to view the details of the schema change.
      3. Click Close to return to the warning message.
    • Automatically apply the schema changes.
      1. Select Update Automatically.
      2. Continue at Installing hotfix packages.
      If there are errors, contact Global Customer Support.
    • Manually apply the schema changes. To obtain a script with schema changes for your database administrator to apply manually, see Applying database schema changes.