Connector and Metadata wizard – Completing the Previous Runs form

If the metadata source you specified on the Initial Parameters form has been processed by the wizard before, the Previous Runs form appears. This form lists all the work items that were created when someone ran the wizard and specified the same metadata source that you are currently using. If this form appears, do one of the following and then click Next.

  • Complete a previous work item that was not finished — these objects appear with their Status set to Open.
  • Select a completed work item to use as a template or guide for this integration project.
  • Continue without selecting anything.

The following table lists descriptions of the columns that appear in this form.

Column Description
Date The date and time that the wizard work item was created.
Operator The operator who created the work item (that is, used the wizard to import the metadata source you are currently using).
RuleSet The RuleSet used during the previous wizard run.
RuleSet Version The RuleSet version used during the previous run.
Base Class The abstract class rule that was used as the container (base) for the rules generated from this metadata source.
Status The status of the wizard run work item — Resolved-Completed, Open, Resolved-Rejected, for examples.