Log files tool

In the Log files tool you can view or download the current log files on the server node you are accessing.

Access this tool by clicking Configure > System > Operations > Logs.

The available log files depend on the contents of the prlog4j2.xml file for the current node. The log files can include:

  • PEGA — A text file that contains warnings, errors, and information messages about internal operations.
  • ALERT — Performance-related alerts that are triggered by prconfig settings (or implicit, default values). A text file with fields separated by a single asterisk character.
  • ALERTSECURITY — Alerts (identified by the prefix SECU) that suggest incorrect configuration of the Internet Application Composer facilities, or overt attempts to bypass system security features through URL tampering. For more information, see the Pega Community article Performance alerts, security alerts, and AES.
  • BIX — Files that were created during an extract of operation rules by the optional Business Intelligence Exchange product.
  • CLUSTER — A file that includes information about the setup and run-time behavior of the cluster, and other information provided by the clustering technology.