Migration by using the Distribution landing page

The Pega Platform provides several tools to archive rules, data instances, and work items into .zip files and move them from one Pega Platform system to another. This procedure does not alter or delete the source rules.

  • Application Package wizard — A guided process that creates a product rule containing relevant data instances as well as rulesets.
  • Export gadget — Creates a .zip archive file from a product rule. The archive can be saved to a file system or exported to a repository.
  • Import wizard landing page — Imports a .zip archive file from a file system or a repository.
  • Product Migration wizard — Creates a .zip archive file from a product or product patch rule, migrates the archive, and imports it to one or more destination systems.

For example, you can move a product from a development Pega Platform system into a test Pega Platform system. The source and target systems might have different servers, operating systems, database vendors, web server software vendors, and so on. Information inside the .zip file consists entirely of XML documents in Unicode characters.