Setting advanced mode and reviewing the archive contents

Optionally use advanced mode to review and select the archive contents before you import the archive. You can also set additional import options for schema and rule changes.

Before you begin: Selecting a file to import
  1. Optional: To view the components of the file and select individual instances to load, click Show content details. After you review the contents, click Done.
  2. Optional: To enable advanced features, select Enable advanced mode to provide more granular control over the import process.
    Select advanced mode to do any of the following:
    • Select individual changed rules to import.
    • Import operators in insecure mode.
    • Disable automatic column population if the import adds new columns to existing tables or if the import adds Rule Declare Index (RDI) instances.
  3. As a best practice, do not check Do not set restore point or save metadata during the import. If you opt not to create a restore point, you cannot roll back to the system state before this import. For more information, see Restore points.
  4. Click Next.