Package Work wizard — Step 1: Enter Description form

Complete this form to start the product creation process. In the first section, specify the product rule name and version, and enter a text description. In the second section, select the RuleSet and version in which you want to create the product rule.

Field Description
Product Name Enter a name for the product rule to be created. Start then name with a letter and use only letters, digits, and the underscore character.
Product Version Enter a version number for the product name. You can specify multiple versions for the product. You cannot enter a version that already exists.
Description Enter text to display in the Description section on the History tab in the Product rule form.
RuleSet Select the RuleSet in which you want to create the product rule.
Version Select a RuleSet version.
Next > > Click to proceed to the next step.
Cancel Click to cancel the wizard process and exit; the product object is withdrawn and resolved.

About the Package Work wizard