Viewing migration results

After migrating a product or application, view the migration results and troubleshoot any errors.

The Log messages include the following information:

  • Time stamp – The date and time of the migration request
  • Message – The results of creating the .zip archive (including the .zip file’s name), the covered work items, and their IDs

The Return messages indicate whether the connection was successful. Review the messages for detailed information about each work item.

  1. Click Destinations to review the status of each work item:

    • If the connection succeeded and the file was successfully loaded onto the server, the work item status moves from Pending to Resolved. A delay of a few minutes might occur while the .zip file is retrieved from the temp directory and its contents are imported. When the upload finishes, the status updates to Resolved.
    • If the connection failed or if a system error prevented the file from loading, the work item status remains Pending.
  2. Click the Work ID link to display log messages.
  3. If the connection failed, click the work flow link to resolve the issue. Then, either retry the connection to the server, or click Cancel to withdraw and resolve the work item.