Starting the wizard

Select Configure > Application > Distribution > Migrate to start the Product Migration wizard and create a migration request work item. The resulting work item ID has the prefix pxMigReq-.

If your system contains unresolved migration requests, select one from the worklist that appears.

  • If you created a migration request and exited the wizard without clicking Cancel, the request appears as an unresolved item in a worklist when you start the wizard again. Select an item to resume the migration request. Any values that you specified before exiting are not retained.
    Note: If you created a new target system after the original request was created, the system does not appear in the Specify Target Systems list.
  • To delete a request in the list, click the item to open the wizard form. Then click Cancel to withdraw the request and resolve it.
  • To create a new request from the list, click New to select the product and targets for the migration request.