Configuring archive settings

Configure archive settings to improve performance and control batch size.

  1. In the navigation panel, click App.
  2. On the Classes tab, in the text box, enter Data-Admin-System-Settings.
  3. Click the Data-Admin-System-Settings class.
  4. In the Dynamic System Settings table, select the system setting that you want to configure.
    • dataarchival/dailyLimitPerPolicy – Sets the maximum number of top-level cases per data retention policy that are processed ofr a single run of the archival process. The default value is 100000.
    • dataarchival/batchSize – Sets the total number of eligible cases per archival policy that are processed in a single batch. For example, if the value of this parameter is 200 and there are 100000 cases to be processed, the cases are processed in 500 batches. The default value of this parameter is 200.
  5. The following settings are for tuning performance and are not included with the product. To change the default values, you can create the following settings.
    For information about creating Dynamic System Settings, see Creating a Dynamic System Setting
    Sets the number of records that are inserted in one query in the metadata table. The default value is 200.
    Sets the number of crawler, copier, and indexer jobs that run in parallel. The default value is 1.
    Increasing the default value of this parameter causes a higher utilization of system resources and can result in lower application performance.
    Sets the number of cases and case associations that are updated in one query during indexing in the metadata table. The default value is 50.
  6. In the Value field, enter the value for the setting that you selected in step 4 and step 5.
  7. Click Save.