Monitoring the progress of your case archival process

View and monitor the progress of a cycle in the case archival process by using various log classes. These classes persist the results of the steps in archival process, which you can use to to monitor performance or debug errors that might have occurred.

  1. In the navigation panel, click App.
  2. On the Classes tab, in the text box, enter one of the following class names, based on the step in the archival process that you want to view.
    • Log-ArchiveResults
    • Log-CrawlerResults
    • Log-IndexerResults
    • Log-PurgeResults
  3. Review the information about the cycles, for example, the database time that was used by an entire purge cycle.
  4. Optional: Review more detailed information, such as the values of configurable settings, about the cycle.
    1. Click the row in the table that you want to see more information about.
    2. Click Actions > View XML.
      The resulting XML file provides detailed information about the cycle.