Using the Purge/Archive Configuration wizard —

Step 1: Select Work Pool form

This is the first form displayed when you start the Purge/Archive Configuration wizard, which is used to either create or modify an existing purge/archive configuration. Access the wizard by clicking Configure > System > Operations > Purge/Archive and selecting Configuration.

Field Description
Work Pool Select a work pool that contains the work items you want to purge/archive.
Name Do either of the following:
  • Enter a name that identifies a new configuration within the work pool. You can use the same name in multiple work pools. You cannot use the same name in the same work pool. The character limit varies according to name of your work class; the shorter the class name, the longer the configuration name limit.
  • Use the drop-down list to select an existing configuration name so that you can modify the work types and/or the work item age.
Next >> Click to proceed to the next step.
Cancel Click to exit the wizard without saving your entries.

About the Purge Archive wizard