Displaying a list of recent items in your application

You can display a list of the most recently accessed cases, rule or data instance records, Create New and Save As forms, landing pages, wizard items, and instance lists in your application. Displaying a list of recent items gives your application users a quick way to view and open recent items.

By default, when you add a recent items list to your application, it displays the 20 most recently accessed items. The list is automatically updated whenever a user opens one of these items. You can customize the recent items list, if you want.

To display a list of recent rules, cases, landing pages, and wizards in your application, you need to include the pxRecent section in a section within your application. The pxRecent section is configured to refresh when the Declare_pzRecentsCache.pxUpdateDateTime property changes, which means whenever an item is added to the recent items list, deleted from the list, or updated.

  1. Open an existing section or create a section in your application.

  2. On the Design tab, click Layout and then select Embedded section.

  3. Drag the section to the location that you want.

  4. In the Section Include dialog box, enter pxRecent in the Section field.

  5. Click Submit and then click Save.