Moving rules

When a rule is moved, all of the old instances are automatically removed from the system, including their references and indexes.

Before you begin: 
  • The ruleset version or versions containing the rules to be copied are not to be secured.

  • The class must allow rules in the target ruleset.

  • Rules must have an Applies To key part matching the single source class to be moved.

  • Rules must be checked in to be moved.

  • The moved rule does note have the same class, other keys, and ruleset version as an existing rule.

  1. In the Application Explorer, right-click the class that contains the rules you want to move.
  2. In the context menu, select Refactor > Move rules and specify the following filters to define where to move the rules.
    • Class - Select the destination class to contain the moved rules.

    • Ruleset - Select the ruleset to contain the rules after they are moved. This can be the ruleset that currently contains the rule, or a different ruleset.

    • Version - Select the ruleset version to contain the rules after they are moved. This can be the version that currently contains the rule or a different version.

  3. In the Rule Type column, select one or more check boxes to indicate which rule types to move from the list of applicable rule types that can be moved.
  4. Click Move.
Result: When the process is complete, the form displays the results of the tool. Rules that are not moved are marked with a red X. Hold the mouse over the red X for information about why the rule did not move.