Using the Rulebase Compare wizard — Step 1: Enter System Info

Use this wizard form to specify the target system for the rule base comparison.

Complete the following fields to specify the system you want to compare to your current system.

Field Description
Select a System If you previously saved a target server definition, select it from the drop-down.
Host Name Target server host name.
Port The TCPI/IP port number for SOAP connections on the target server. Often this is port 80.
Context Root Target server context root name for the Pega Platform application.
HTTPS? Select if the port requires an HTTPS (Secure Socket Layer) connection.
Save Click to save this system specification for future use. Saved specifications appear in the Select a System drop-down the next time you use this wizard.
Username Enter a valid Operator ID for the target server.
Password Enter the user password for the Operator ID you specified.
Next >> Click to continue to the next step of the wizard.
Cancel Click to exit the wizard.