Using the Rulebase Compare wizard — Step 4: Display Report

The Synchronization Report lists the rules, rulesets, and ruleset versions in which differences were found between the source and target systems. For each rule the wizard identifies the action to be performed on the target system to make it match the source system.


The wizard identifies the following types of actions:

  • Add — Rules that appear on the source system but that are missing on the target system. Add these rules to the target system to match the source system. The system determines additions and deletions by comparing values of pzInsKey, the permanent handle of a rule.

  • Delete — Rules that are not on the source system but that are found on the target system. Delete these rules from the target system to match the source system.
  • Update — Rules that have a different time stamp ( pxUpdateDateTime ) on the source system than on the target system. The wizard only identifies a difference in the update times between the systems for these rules; the report does not indicate which is more recent. Compare these rules on the two systems to determine whether you want to preserve the change in the most recently updated rule or use the older rule without the change.

Do not assume that rules with the most recent pxUpdateDateTime values correspond to the highest version. Rules in any version can be updated at any time.

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