Using the Delete a Class wizard - Step 3: Display Results

Using the Delete a Class wizard

Step 3: Display results and search for references

This form presents a list of rules that could not be deleted. The Message column explains why the rule was not deleted and the actions required to delete it.

If there are undeleted rules, the class cannot be deleted. However, all other rules associated with the class have been deleted. To complete deleting the class, modify the rules listed so that they can be deleted and then run the wizard on the class again.

Select Reference Search

In the Reference Search drop-down, choose one of the following options to set the scope over which the wizard is to search for references to the deleted classes:

  • Don't search for references
  • Search for references in your RuleSet list.
  • Search for references in all RuleSets.

In the next step the system searches for references to deleted objects that may need to be fixed after the deletion is complete. If this search is made over the entire rulebase on a large system, it can take some time to complete.

When you have reviewed the list of rules and set Reference Search, click Next >> to complete the deletion and see a list of unresolved references.

About the Delete a Class wizard