Using the Rename a Class wizard — Step 6

Step 6: Select Additional Rules to be Changed

This form reports matches with the class name you asked to change that are found in strings that are not clearly class names. These are additional occurrences not included in the summary on the previous page, "Rules That Will Be Changed." The wizard cannot determine whether these strings should be changed when the class names are changed. For example, if the original class name is your company name, you may have also used that string in other properties in the system that you do not want to change.

Use the navigation tools at the top-right of the form to page through the listing and review the Value column to see the string that will be changed. Select the check box next to each instance that you want to rename, or select the check box at the top of the Rule Type column to select all the instances on this page. You must display each page and select the instances that you want to include. Only selected instances will be renamed.

To review these rules outside the wizard, click Export To Excel to create a spreadsheet of the currently displayed page or Export All To Excel to create a spreadsheet of the entire report.

When you are satisfied with the selection, click Next to begin the renaming.

Click <<Back to return to an earlier step, or click Cancel and then click Done to cancel the wizard.

About the Rename a Class wizard