RuleSet Maintenance wizard step 3

If you opted to run the wizard as a background process, a message displays on the page stating that your request is being processed and that you will receive an email notification once it has completed.

Place the provided reference number in the Search facility and click the magnifying glass. The facility opens the wizard at its current form so you can check its status.

When the process is complete, this form displays a summary of the changes that have been made, including the number of rules considered and selected. Depending on the process and the options you selected, up to four links provide access to lists of

  • rules processed
  • data instances processed
  • rules in conflict
  • processing errors

If there were no data instances to process, errors, or conflicting rules, the corresponding links do not appear.

Click any link to display the list. In the report that is displayed, you can click any row to review that rule in detail. To save a copy of a list in spreadsheet form, click Export Page to Excel at the top of the list.

After you have closed any reports you have opened, click Done to exit the wizard.

About the RuleSet Maintenance wizard