Adding CSS helper classes

If you need to define an additional helper class, you can add a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) file to your application skin. You can define a helper class for a cell, a layout, or both. The helper class that you define is then available from the helper class picker on the Properties panel.

Before you begin: Review the existing, standard CSS helper classes to make sure that the additional helper class is necessary. For more information, see Reviewing standard CSS helper classes.
  1. Create the CSS helper class in a CSS file.
  2. For each helper class, add a comment before the CSS Selector:
    1. For the type, enter helper-class.
    2. Enter a name.
    3. Enter a category of layout or cell. If the helper class can be used for either category, enter layout,cell.
    4. Enter a description on a single line, as shown in the following example:
      Type: Helper-class
      Name: text-primary
      Category: cell
      Description: primary styling for text
  3. On the Included styles tab of the Skin form, attach the CSS file as an additional style sheet in your application skin. For more information, see Included styles.