Adding an action to an included section

You can include one section inside another section while you are working in design template mode or in full section editor mode. You can also add an action to an included section. This capability makes it possible for you to reuse sections, within a single application or across applications, and define different actions to support the specific use cases.

For example, for one use case you might specify an action set that automatically refreshes the included section whenever an application user clicks inside that section. For a second use case, you might specify an action set that automatically displays a smart tip when an application user hovers over the section.
  1. Open an existing section or create a section on the Section form.
  2. On the Design tab, in the template element list on the right, click the Add new icon.
  3. From the list of Advanced controls, click Embedded section.
  4. In the Section Include dialog box, set the page context, select the section, and click Submit.
  5. In the template element list, click the Pencil icon for the included section.
  6. On the Actions tab of the Properties panel, click Create an action set and configure the action set by completing the following steps:
    1. Click Add an event and select an event that the application user will perform, such as Click or Hover.
    2. Click Add an action and select an action that the system will perform in response to the event, such as Display: Refresh.
    3. Click Submit.
  7. On the Section form, click Save.