Styling options for Button controls

Establishing a consistent look for Button controls in your application saves development time, gives your application a more predictable user interface, and makes it easier for users to complete forms.

  • Designate the format of the Button control to provide a visual cue to users about the button's relative importance. For example, for the Submit button on a form, set the Control format option to Strong as a cue to users that it is the primary action that they can take on the form.

    For more information, see Specifying presentation options for a Button control.

  • Make minor changes to a Button control's placement and styling by using Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) helper classes. For example, you can apply a helper class to center a Button control in a layout or to double its standard margins.

    For more information, see Adjusting cell styling with helper classes.

  • Make more extensive styling changes to Button controls in the application's skin.

    For more information, see Skin form — Components tab — Controls — Buttons.