Adding actions to a control

You can specify action sets—event-action pairings—to determine the behavior of a control. For example, you might specify that clicking a button triggers the refresh of a section. You can define multiple events and actions in an action set, and you can create multiple action sets for a single control.

  1. In the Behavior section of the Control tab on the Control form, click the Add a row icon below the first action set.
  2. In the Behavior dialog box, complete the following steps:
    1. In the Event list, select the type of event that the user initiates, such as Hover.
    2. For Action, select the system response, such as Display > Show Smart Tip.
    3. Optional: To define a when condition for the action, click the Add a row icon for When and select a when condition from the list. You can add multiple conditions.
    4. Click Submit.