Creating PDF files by using a compact style sheet

When you create a PDF file by using the Create PDF smart shape in a case type or by using the HTMLtoPDF activity, you can use the pyCompactStylesforPDF compact style sheet instead of the style sheet that is used by the application skin. Use this style sheet to quickly generate PDF files and also correctly render certain elements that cannot be rendered when you use the application skin to generate PDF files.

You can render the following elements when you use the compact style sheet:
  • Text input
  • Formatted text
  • Dynamic layout formats, including default, stacked, inline double grid, inline triple grid, and inline grid quadruple
  • Heading levels 1 through 6
  • Header icons
  • Collapsible, bar, and fieldset header types

To use the compact style sheet, enable the UseCompactStylesforPDF Dynamic System Setting by performing the following steps:

  1. In Dev Studio, search for UseCompactStylesforPDF and click the result that appears in the dialog box.
  2. On the Settings tab, in the Value field, enter true.
  3. Click Save.