Specifying the icon source and tooltip for an Icon control

Using images and tooltips to indicate an icon's purpose makes it easier for application users to understand a form and complete their tasks.

Prerequisite: Add an Icon control to a layout.

  1. On the General tab of the Properties panel, use the Icon source option to select an image:
    • To select a predefined icon with a tooltip, select Standard icon and use the drop-down list for the Standard icon field.
    • To select an image from the Image Catalog, select Image and click the Show Image Viewer icon for the Image field.
    • To use an image from a web site, select External URL and enter the web site address in the External URL field.
    • To select a property to use as the source of the image, select Property and press the Down Arrow key in the Property field to select the property.
    • To preview available icons on an overlay, select Icon Class and click the Open the icon class picker icon next to the Class field. To select an icon, click one on the overlay. You can use the search field on the overlay to filter icons by class name.
  2. If the icon source is Image, External URL, or Property, select one of the following settings for the Image size option:
    • Auto – The layout determines the width of the Icon control.
    • Custom – You enter the icon's width and height in pixels in the corresponding Image dimension fields.
  3. Optional: To describe the icon's purpose for users at run time, enter a phrase in the Tooltip field or press the Down Arrow key to select an existing tooltip.