Specifying the caption for a Link control

Using a caption for a Link control makes it easier for application users to understand the link's purpose and to complete their tasks.

When you plan to localize the application that includes this Link control, limit the caption's text length to 64 characters. A field value rule with pyButtonLabel as the second key part and this text as the final key part is needed for each locale. When practical, choose a caption that is already included in a language pack, to simplify later localization. For more information, see About the Localization wizard.

Prerequisite: Add a Link control to a layout.

  1. On the General tab of the Properties panel, set the Link caption option to one of the following settings:
    • Text – Select this setting and in the adjacent field enter the text to display as the link's caption.
    • Property Reference – Select this setting and use the adjacent field to configure the caption as a property reference.