Displaying a modal dialog box from a grid layout

Your application can present a row of a Grid layout (or an element of a Tree or TreeGrid layout) to users as a modal dialog box for review or editing.

  1. Select the grid layout and open the properties panel.
  2. In the Edit Mode drop-down menu, select Modal Dialog.
  3. In the Flow Action field, select the flow action that the modal dialog will display.
  4. Select the Reordering check box to allow the user to drag data rows higher or lower in the display.
  5. If you selected Pixels (Fixed) in the Width field on the Grid Repeat, Tree Grid, or Tree Layout properties panels, the Fixed size check box displays.
    • If you do not select this option, the modal dialog dynamically re-sizes to display the fields the selected flow action provides.
    • If you select this option, specify the height and width of the modal dialog in the fields that are displayed. If the content is larger than the layout, the modal dialog can display scroll bars at the bottom or right side.
  6. Click OK to save the settings and close the panel.