Creating a composite portal

A composite portal is defined by a set of harnesses and sections. Composite portals provide improvements in flexibility, appearance, user interactivity, and functional capabilities while designing the user interface.

  1. In the Dev Studio, click Create > User Interface > Portal.
  2. Enter the name of the portal in the Label field.
  3. Select the application name, ruleset and the ruleset version for the portal.
  4. Click Create and open.
  5. Select User as the portal role and composite as the portal type.
  6. Select the skin for the portal.
  7. Select the Data-portal class for the Harness applies to field. The Data-Portal class contains all the properties that are required to create a portal.
  8. Select the harness for the portal. You can use an existing harness in the system or create a new one for the portal.
  9. Click Save.