A workspace is an environment that provides specific tools and features. By using different workspaces to develop and manage your application, you can help team members focus on the tasks that align with their expertise.

The following workspaces are supported:
App Studio
Provides core features for application development, such as case design, data management, and the user experience. Typical users include front-end developers, data engineers, and business analysts.
Dev Studio
Provides advanced features for application development. Typical users include full-stack developers, database administrators, and security administrators.
Prediction Studio
Provides features for building and maintaining of machine-learning models for adaptive, predictive, and text analytics. Prediction Studio is a role-based authoring environment for data scientists.
Admin Studio
Provides runtime information and configuration options for resources created in Dev Studio.

Access to workspaces is determined by the access group that your security administrator assigns to each team member.