Skin inheritance

Skin inheritance allows formats and mixins of a parent skin to be inherited by a dependent skin. The formats inherited by the dependent skin do not have to be explicitly defined in the dependent skin but will defined by formats in the parent skin. When a format on the parent skin is modified, the dependent skin automatically inherits those changes unless the format is overridden in the dependent skin.

Style sheets included in parent skins are also inherited, with the dependent skin's style sheet taking priority. The list below provides an overview of the tasks related to skin inheritance.

Create a new dependent skin

When you create a new skin, you can optionally make that skin a dependent of a parent skin.

Add a parent to a skin

Adding a parent to an existing skin will cause the dependent skin to inherit formats from the parent.

Override an inherited style

If necessary, an inherited format can be overridden in the dependent skin.

Revert a customized format to an inherited style

If you override a format, you can revert those changes in the dependent skin back to the format inherited from the parent.

View the inherited skin stack.

The Inheritance tab displays the names, and order of, the parent and dependent skins.