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All of the keys are not displayed in the New Rule form



Create a customer application rule class, say "Rule-Obj-Corr-ABC" with the below as class defintion and try creating an instance for the rule.

Observe that all the keys are not populated in the "New" rule form.

When creating the instance, see that all the keys are not displayed in the rule form.

Error Messages

All the keys are not displayed in the ruleform that are present in the class definition.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Try creating a class with keys greater than or equal to 5.
2. While creating an instance for the class, observe that one of the key is not present in the "New" rule form.

Root Cause

Ideally, PRPC limits only five keys to be displayed in the ruleform, Hence it is not displayed all the keys.


As an extension point, to achieve the functionality of having multiple keys in the rule form, below changes are to be performed.

1. Create a section "pyAdditionalRulePrompts" in the class for which you want the keys to be displayed and include the property (key) that is not being displayed in the ruleform earlier.

2. Create a When rule "pyHasAdditionalRulePrompts" that evaluates to true in the same class.

3. Now, try creating an instance for the class and one should be able to see all the keys that were defined in the class definition.

Now, suppose if the last key that is defined the class keys is a property with table type as prompt list, then one might get an error while creating the instance for the class.

This is because the pyrefFocusKey points to the last key value and validates accordingly.

This error doesn't allow you to create the class instance.

As a local-change, one can check the checkbox "Display only(not for validation)" to avoid creating validation and proceed with instance creation.

To address the issue with prompt lists, a feedback item has been raised FDBK-19521 which may be considered in the future releases.

Published May 11, 2017 - Updated May 25, 2017

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