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Another node uses the same explicit Temp directory



On restarting the Tomcat server, an error displays and prevents the system from starting. According to the error, another node is using the same explicit Temp directory. Changing the current Temp directory in the context.xml file only works temporarily.

Error Messages

[your_host ] [STANDARD] [ ] [ ] (internal.mgmt.PRNodeImpl) ERROR - Another node is using the same explicit temp directory on this system as this node (same SysNodeID Hash is being generated). Please change the temp directory on this node and restart
[your_host ] [STANDARD] [ ] [ ] (etier.impl.EngineStartup) ERROR - PegaRULES initialization failed. Server: your_host

Steps to Reproduce


Root Cause

A defect or configuration issue in the operating environment

This issue occurred when nodes were stopped incorrectly. That is, the JVM process was stopped instead of the node using the application server Admin console or a script. Hence, a bad entry was created in the pr_sys_statusnodes table in the database. Therefore, the node could not restart.

The reason the application assumed that another node was using the same explicit Temp directory was because a Node ID was generated based on a combination of a system name and a hashed Temp directory path. Since the system name had not changed and the same Temp directory path was used as was utilized during the incorrect shutdown, the application assumed that it was a new node on the same system using the same path.


Perform the following local-change:
  1. Shut down all the nodes.
  2. Truncate the pr_sys_statusnodes table.
  3. Add the below JVM argument to each node such that the node ID is statically set,


    This prevents the issue from occurring even if the node is shut down incorrectly.
  4. ​Start all the nodes.

Published March 24, 2017 - Updated March 12, 2020

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