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Auto edit option doesn't work on 7.2.2



The user has noticed that some drop-down fields where users used to edit now becomes read-only. The drop-down property is located on a page list within a page list on the work object. The source of the drop down is a node level data page and the Edit option under the presentation tab of the drop-down is Auto. Because it becomes read-only, the testers cannot select values from the drop-down and hence cannot progress from the screen. This is blocking regression testing of the upgrade.

If the user changes the edit mode to editable, it works fine. But they have multiple sections where the change will need to take place.

Error Messages

Not Applicable

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Add a grid in a section (MainSec) and embed another section (ESec1) in the same section.
  2. In Esec1 , add an editable repeat grid layout . In the column add a section ESec2 which contains a dropdown control.
  3. Mark the grid in MainSec as Inline - > click on row to edit.
  4. Run the flow and test the usecase. The drop down is in readonly mode.

Root Cause

Repeat grids were not designed to be nested. Though some configurations work in nested repeat grids, they are not recommended. Repeat grids change the tools#mAllowInput based on their edit modes. At the beginning of rendering, they cache the value that was previously set in global parameter page, set their own value, and then at the end of rendering, they reset it back with the cached value from the global parameter page.

Now, global parameter page is a flat structure. When the first grid is set to "click to edit" it sets the mAllowInput to false (from true or editable) and caches the old value to bEditable parameter in global parameter page. Next the nested grid renders. That overrides bEditable to false (readonly) as that is the current value of mAllowInput. At the end of rendering of nested grid, mAllowInput is reset to false (as that's what is the status of its parent) and bEditable is reset to false as well. Finally, at the end of rendering of parent grid, the mAllowInput is restored with the value of bEditable, which was overridden by the nested grid as false.

All of this happens because the global parameter page is a flat structure. To allow nesting of complex layouts, it is needed to have support for stacks. This will be noted as an enhancement to the Product.


Perform the following local-change:

Use a repeating dynamic layout instead of the outer repeat grid or change the grid to editable

Published May 18, 2017 - Updated June 7, 2017

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