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BIX extract not retrieving results if pxobjClass filter is added



While upgrading application from PRPC 6.2 SP1 to Pega 7.1.8 execution of a Business Intelligence Exchange (BIX) 7.1 extract rule created in a Work class is not retrieving results for records falling in following filter criteria:
- field .pxObjClass, operator 'Starts with' and value = work class.

Error Messages

Not Applicable

Steps to Reproduce

1. Create a BIX rule in Work class, for example yourClass-Work-Sample
2. Add a filter: field='.pxObjClass' Operator= 'Starts with' Value=Work class, in this example yourClass-Work-Sample.
3. Execute the BIX rule. No records got extracted which fall in 'like' criteria for pxobjclass 'yourClass-Work-Sample%'.

For example, no records got extracted for following pxobjclass 'yourClass-Work-Sample-ABCD, 'yourClass-Work-Sample-EFGH',  and so on.


Root Cause

A software use or operation error. Even without adding an explicit filter to the extract rule there is a filter added by BIX.  For a class group the filter would be pzInsKey like 'ClassGroupName' and for individual classes the filter is pxObjClass = 'ClassName'.  There was a bug in previous versions of BIX where the filter for individual classes mistakenly used like instead of =.  

That bug has been corrected.  In this example the implicit filter of pxObjClass='yourClass-Work-Sample'  will take precedence over the explicit filters added.


Perform the following local-change: 

One option to get the desired behavior is to move the extract rule to the class group level and then provide filters to only include the individual classes that user want.

For example, if the class group is yourClass-Work then user would create the extract on this class and then add filters for pxObjClass = 'yourClass-Work-Sample-ABCD' or pxObjClass = 'yourClass-Work-Sample-EFGH'

The Where clause would end up looking like the following:

pzInskey like 'yourClass-Work%' AND ( pxObjClass = 'yourClass-Work-Sample-ABCD' OR pxObjClass = 'yourClass-Work-Sample-EDFH')

Published September 29, 2016 - Updated October 6, 2016

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