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Campaign fails with GridException in the logs



Though offer being sent to user through email successfully, but an error occurs on Campaign.

Error Messages

Your campaign has failed with the following message:

Exception in stage: BatchOutPR14
To resolve the issue, edit the campaign, and update it.

Following error message is captured in the Pega log file:

>>> Type: xxxxxxx.grid.GridException
>>> Message: Remote job threw user exception (override or implement GridTask.result(..) method if you would like to have automatic failover for this exception).
>>> Documentation:
>>> Stack trace:
Caused By:
>>> Type: org.gridgain.grid.GridUserUndeclaredException
>>> Message: Failed to execute job due to unexpected runtime exception [jobId=eb588695-01b8-4be5-af4f-f11e1852cda0, ses=GridTaskSessionImpl [, userVer=0,, sesId=f5b5e402-42fa-4fd8-a508-404b683cbef8, jobId=eb588695-01b8-4be5-af4f-f11e1852cda0, endTime=9223372036854775807, taskNodeId=da37aeaf-cf4b-4773-9507-7b0068043a77, clsLdr=GridDeploymentClassLoader [singleNode=true, nodeLdrMap={da37aeaf-cf4b-4773-9507-7b0068043a77=GridPair [val1=320fddac-5670-4588-9c47-64450017fbd8, val2=1]}, p2pTimeout=5000], closed=false, topSpi=null, cpSpi=null, failSpi=null, loadSpi=null, seqNum=1]]
Caused By:
>>> Type:
>>> Message: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unknown condition type com.pega.decision.vbd.query.impl.IncludeCondition@2fd32fd3

Steps to Reproduce

Create a Campaign and Run the same.

Root Cause

Issue was caused due to both 'vbd-api-7.1.8.jar' and 'vbd-api-7.1.9.jar' were present in the PR_ENGINECLASSES within PegaRULES database.


Perform the following local-change step:

Remove earlier version of VBD jar file from the database by running the below script:

delete from <PegaRULES_Schema>.pr_engineclasses where PZJAR ='vbd-api-7.1.8.jar';

Published September 29, 2016 - Updated August 23, 2017

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