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Cannot run OOTB reports since joining tables



When joining two tables in OOTB summary views, error shown on running those views.

Error Messages

There was a problem getting a list: code: 904 SQLState: 42000 Message: ORA-00904: "op"."PXOBJCLASS": invalid identifier

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Customize CSR summary reports by joining with another table.
  2. Login to the system and launch CSR Manager portal. 
  3. Open ‘Analytics’ tab in the portal. 
  4. Now click on any reports by joining it with another table. 
  5. Showing an error message.

Root Cause

The developer wants to display Access Group, User Name and Operator Id in all the reports. Tables(summary_views of the OOTB) access the OOTB pr_operators table to display these columns.

While running the summary view they are facing an exception.

Using join for the same OOTB summary views causes the same error in out in-house system. Found that for Ageing reports there is problem with 'getContentAgeing' activity where we missed to add join function in JAVA step. 

And regarding other reports(Summary Views), we have different activities used. For example for Quality reports, we have 'getContentQuality' activity. For CAResolutionAnalysis Summary View, we have 'getContentResolutionAnalysisPCA' activity and many other activities for other reports. In some of these activities also the JOIN function was missed.

So corrected the JAVA step to use JOIN function so that the query is properly built.


Apply HFIX-30707.


Published December 12, 2016 - Updated December 14, 2016

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