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Contents in a sub-tab are not auto refreshed



A tabbed layout contains sub tabs. Tab 1b contains an assignment list which opens assignments in a new top-level tab.

​When the assignment is closed and tab 1b is not refreshed, the closed assignment is still visible and is not auto refreshed.

If 'Refresh When Active' option is selected for the top-level tab 1, refresh always brings focus back to the first tab and pushes the active assignment to the background.

Error Messages

Not Applicable

Steps to Reproduce

1. Create parent tabbed structure.
2. Create child tabbed structure inside parent tab.
2. Try to refresh the active sub-tab once the work item gets closed from child tab.

Root Cause

This is an out of the box product feature.


Explanation given about implementation:

The configuration "refresh when active" makes sure that contents of a tab is refreshed when the tab is set to active.

This essentially means that the contents get updated when a user switches to that tab from another one. When the user switches to a particular tab, that tab becomes active from inactive. 
This is not true when a new window is launched from a tab. Even when the new window is launched, the tab in the parent window stays active in the context of its parent container (for example: the tab group). 
When switching from one tab to another, the tab group can keep track of the click events on the tab headers to ascertain which tab is being activated.

However, when a child window is closed, there is no way for the tab container to know what has happened. 


Published August 18, 2016 - Updated August 25, 2016

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