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Data mismatch for date time columns while using Queue method



The user has a queue method in a loop inside an activity and that queuing activity will create separate work objects and on parallel to migrate work object data from one DB table to other.

The issue is that Source table columns and destination columns do not have matching values after migration and this happens when the queue method is run for multiple times.

It is a sporadic issue and observed that the mismatch happens only for datetime properties. There is no particular pattern observed in having the data mismatch.

When the queue method is removed and checked the scenario with only one requester performing the process, then the issue is not happening.

But then the issue occurs when the Queue method scenario is run at the same time for two different requestors from two systems.

That implies the issue is occurring when the process is performed by multiple requestors.

Error Messages

Data mismatch for date time properties.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Configure an activity which is looped using Queue method.
2. In the activity, try browsing the data one a particular table and populate the results on a source page.
3. In the data transform, copy the contents or results of the above mentioned source page into a new page( destination) that is mapped to other class(other table).
4. Perform Obj-Save on the destination page.

Root Cause

The issue is that two batch requestors which get created when activity is queued using Queue method, were using the same DateFormat object, because of which unexpected results are seen when formatting date objects.


Apply HFix-30435 which resolves the reported behavior that ensures that no two requestors share the same DateFormat object.

Published May 19, 2017 - Updated June 7, 2017

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