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Imported a data file with 58 records, Pega is showing 58 records imported, but only 49 records appear in the data pages.

This issue only occurs on data types where one of the key values has a DECIMAL type.

The issue is in PegaAccel-Task-DataTableEditor.pzPostCSVUpload Step 7.

When the database table looks like this:
| NAME* | MinLVR* | MaxLVR |
| A | 80 | 90 |
| B | 70 | 90 |

When trying to import a CSV that looks like this:

Expected Behaviour: No change since it’s the same data
Actual Behaviour: All rows are truncated.

Error Messages

Not Applicable

Steps to Reproduce

1). Log into Pega developer portal.
2). Go to App > search the data file name (say "MGL-BFS-Data-Price-LVR-Variable"), extend Data Model > Data Page > D_LVR (data page name).
3). Under Definition, click "MGL-BFS-Data-Price-LVR-Variable".
3). Click Records tab, under Actions drop down list, select Import to import the updated data file (with 58 records).
4). Observe that Pega shows 49 record delete and 58 records insert, but it only 49 records appear (9 records are dropped).

Root Cause

If the keys of a class are of type decimal or double, this issue occurs.

While checking if the record is existing or added or deleted, user compare the keys of the records in the DB and the csv file.

While comparing, the values are different due to inconsistent formatting and hence the issue.

Number formatting should be done for existing as well as the uploaded records in the same way before comparing to fix this issue.


Apply HFix29278.


Published September 13, 2016 - Updated October 25, 2016

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