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Delays in posting a value from a section causing errors



If a repeat grid contains a check box control with a Post Value On Click event and an operator clicks quickly between boxes, it is possible that the clipboard will not updated for some of the values.

The screen will show some boxes checked while the true value has not yet been posted to the clipboard.

Error Messages

Not Applicable.  

Steps to Reproduce

Place a checkbox refrencing a true/false property in a repeating grid, and assign a post value action to an onChange or onClick event.
Rapidly check the boxes and check the clipboard data.  Some of the values have been posted but others still show as blank or false.

Root Cause

When a checkbox with an action defined is clicked an Ajax request is sent to the server.  If an operator clicks quickly enough on another checkbox while that request is in progress then this second action is not communicated to the server.  


Confirm first that it is a requirement to post the value to the clipboard at the time the user selects the checkbox.  The values will all be posted on submission of a flow action and a seperate post value may not be required.

If the post value is required then use the Refresh List action in place of the Post Value.  This will have the same effect of posting the value but will stop users being able to check another box too quickly.


Published January 31, 2016 - Updated October 8, 2020

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